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Begin your journey of deep biblical exploration and receive ministry training straight from the mission field.

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The Living Word Bible School

Life-changing bible courses on demand.

For Pastors, Elders, and Missionaries

The Living Word Bible School addresses the scriptures topically, theologically, and thematically to offer a full scope of biblical understanding fit for pastors, missionaries, and ministry leaders.

Tools For Future Learning

The Living Word Bible School uses tools and teaching methods that allow students to continue their own in-depth biblical studies far past their completion of the program.

Evangelism and Discipleship Training

The Living Word Bible School goes beyond biblical studies and provides training that can be implemented immediately to start sharing the gospel, making disciples, and planting churches.

3-Tier Credentialing

Our 3-Tier system is perfect for Christians at all levels. Tier 3 graduates can apply for ordination to pursue their calling or can apply as a Faithful Fishers Missionary.
A graduate receives his certificate at church.

1-Year Internship

Our 1-year internship partners our Tier 1 bible school curriculum with a full-year of ministry coaching and partnership. This program adds one-on-one discipleship and unique ministry opportunities to the Tier 1 program to create a life-changing ministry experience. Click below to learn more.

What our students are saying about us

I was spending a LOT of money at a well-known bible college and I learned more in a week at the Living Word Bible School than I did in a whole semester there.
Jason Barley
It's amazing to see how much of the bible I never knew! I'm just amazed at the Living Word Bible School and all it has to offer. This is the REAL DEAL!
Mitch J.

    Our students have become:

    • College Ministers
    • Missionaries
    • Deacons
    • Discipleship Leaders
    • Youth Pastors
    • Jail Chaplains

    Frequently asked questions

    Is the Living Word Bible School Accredited? 

    Accreditation is a 10-year, several thousand dollar venture that adds no real value to your education. The Living Word Bible School has decided not to pursue accreditation in order to offer more affordable education. We desire for our "accreditation" to come from the success of our students in their field of ministry.

    Can I become a Pastor through the Living Word Bible School?

    Every denomination has its own criteria for ordaining or hiring new pastors, but YES, the Living Word Bible School offers the biblical education and training necessary for full-time ministry, as a pastor, ministry leader, or missionary. Who will and will not hire is based on each church's and denomination's specific educational and experience requirements. 

    What Will I Learn?

    As part of the Living Word Bible School school you will learn, systematic theology, church history, preaching and teaching, leadership courses, evangelism and discipleship tools, how to study the word of God in its original language, major theological topics and arguments, the biblical basis of offices and gifts, etc.

    Is the Living Word Bible School a Part of a Denomination?

    No. The Living Word Bible School was founded with help of a group of life-long pastors from various denominational backgrounds and affiliations. The Living Word Bible School seeks to allow the Bible to interpret itself without denominational lenses. The Living Word Bible School is a ministry of Faithful Fishers (

    Any Other Questions?

    The Living Word Bible School seeks to offer seminary biblical teaching with proven ministry methods at a crazy affordable cost. If you have any questions or concerns before starting just let us know!
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