Intro to Grief Counseling

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  • Author: Darrin Miller
  • Tier 2 or Above
  • 12 Week Course
Course overview
Intro to Grief Counseling exposes students to a number of clinical terms, studies, and models for identifying and dealing with grief and readies them for hospice care, pastoral care, or service as a Christian Counselor.
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Certification included
This is the introductory course for the certificate in Christian Counseling and Restorative Spiritual Coaching.
What you are going to learn

Renowned Curriculum

This course utilizes the work of J. William Worden, PhD, who holds academic appointments at Harvard Medical School and at the Rosemead School of Psychology in California.
Throughout this course you will discover learn:

  • To identify grief and symptoms of grief.
  • To understand and assist with the mourning process.
  • Models for grief counseling
  • How to deal with personal grief.
  • How to work through hypothetical scenarios to prepare for real-world grief counseling.

Darrin Miller

Experienced pastor. Founder of Faithful Fishers and the Living Word Bible School. Worldwide missionary. 
Darrin was ordained as a pastor in 2014. Since then, he's worked with missions organization, nonprofits, and churches of various denominations. Darrin has dedicated his life to reaching the lost and raising up healthy, biblically founded leaders for the local churches and as missionaries for Faithful Fishers.

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